In RoH's story setting, the livings can mainly be categorized into two sections, the Innate Gods, and the Postnate Livings.

The main races involved in the story are:

  • Human Race
  • Celestial Race
  • Demon Race
  • Monster Race
  • Dragon Race
  • Insect Race

Innate Gods Edit

Innate gods are the livings that were born naturally in the universe, they are gods in nature but their cultivation speed is much slower than the postnate livings. They can be separated into the innate gods(celestials) and innate demon gods. There are two types of innate gods.

One, those who are come from the heaven and earth and are born within. They are the manifestation of the Dao of the universe and have stronger powers.

Two, those who are born within the worshippings of the livings toward certain objects. Although they are also the innate gods, the Dao manifestation innate gods have commonly known them as fake gods. Heaven is the head of all the worshipped-born innate gods. The worshipped-born innate gods can then be further divided into two types.

  • The All Gods

These are the innate gods that are born within the worshippings of livings toward a common object such as the sun, moon or heaven. As the worshippers each have their own worshippings and prayers, the All Gods would usually carry on the myriad thoughts of the many livings, making them unpredictable at times.

  • The Clan/Race Gods

They are the innate gods born within the worshippings of a clan/race. These kind of gods normally takes the perfect form of the clansmen/tribesmen and are powerful in nature. However, the limitations acting on them are also relatively stricter than the others.

Fire Order Era Edit

  • Yanzi Clan
  • The ancestor of Yanzi Clan is the first Heavenly Monarch and Sui Sovereign, the Great Sui. He is the child of Leize and Huaxu, the creator of the totem pattern cultivation system.

Earth Order Era Edit

The Eight Sovereign Race Edit

  • Fuxi Clan
    • Descendents of the Yanzi Clan.
  • Leize Clan
  • Huaxu Clan
  • Panhu Clan
  • Titing Clan
  • Zhongyang Clan
  • Juling Clan
  • Hexu Clan

Zi Wei Universe Edit

The 24 Monarch Race Edit

  • Tianyuan Clan
  • Diming Clan
  • Yinkang Clan
  • Getian Clan
  • Jinti Clan
  • Sulu Clan
  • Wuhuai Clan
  • Wuming Clan
  • Bohuang Clan
  • Zhuxiang Clan
  • Lilian Clan
  • Hundun Clan
  • Haoying Clan
  • Shuilong Clan
  • Huangting Clan
  • Dating Clan
  • Zunlu Clan

Ancient Universe Edit

The 12 Ancient Monarch Race Edit

  • Jinwu
  • Moyun
  • Dafan
  • Jitong
  • Dayu
  • Tianyao
  • Yanghou

The Four King Race Edit

Azure Dragon Celestial Race Edit

  • Descendents of Leize

White Tiger Celestial Race Edit

  • Western Mother Celestial Race

Vermilion Bird Celestial Race Edit

Black Tortoise Celestial Race Edit

  • Can be divided into Teng Snake or Xuan Turtle

Celestial Race Edit

Demon Race Edit

The Eight Saint Race Edit

  • Raksha
  • Shura
  • Asura
  • Yaksha
  • Tian Xiang
  • Yama
  • Yan Mo
  • Ji Xiang

Insect Race Edit

The insect race is originally created as weapons by the demon race. Thus, the demon culture has left a very heavy mark in them, such as the totem patterns of the insect race resembles the demon totem patterns a lot and the demonic aura and demon cultivation techniques the insect race cultivates.

The structure of the insect race community takes the form of a pyramid. The mother insects being at the top of the pyramid structure, followed by the Golden King Insect Race and finally the low-tier insects. It is a very strict and rigorous race that the lower-tier insects can be simply punished or even killed by the higher-tier insects, despite their difference in cultivation level.

Monster Race Edit

Monster beasts are beasts that have cultivated but they don't have much intelligence. Among the monster beasts, those who could go a step further and transform into the form of humans are known as the monsters.

Skeleton Race Edit

The skeletons are in essence, the spirit of the livings. They could still live as long as their spirits remain even if their bodies were crushed away. Skeletal frames are nothing more than vessels that they control to fight.