Ancestral Star Edit

The ancient Earth.

Great Wilderness Edit

The land of humans. It was a forsaken land inhabited by the demons led by the demon god, Tian Myriad Mother. Many years ago, a human god from the Feng Clan led the human slaves and revolted out from the East Barren, he killed Tian Myriad Mother and eradicated the demons, from then onward, the Great Wilderness belonged to the humans. He then founded the holy land of the humans — Swords Gate, with him being the first headmaster.

East Barren Edit

The land of monsters. The monster race resides in the East Barren is divided into thirteen greater forces and countless lesser forces with Shi Buyi as the overlord.

Eastern Sea Edit

The sea of dragons.The dragon race conquered the sky and sea after they banished the Kun Peng Race away. Five dragon clans ruled the whole Eastern Sea and the sea race that resides in it.

West Barren Edit

The land of celestials.