The land of humans. It was a forsaken land inhabited by the demons led by the demon god, Tian Myriad Mother. Many years ago, a human god from the Feng Clan led the human slaves and revolted out from the East Barren, he killed Tian Myriad Mother and eradicated the demons, from then onward, the Great Wilderness belonged to the humans. He then founded the holy land of the humans — Swords Gate, with him being the first headmaster.

Swords GateEdit

The holy land of humanity, guardians of Great Wilderness. From the top of Swords Gate power-pyramid is the headmaster, elders of the Elder Council, elders, hall masters, inner hall Qi Practitioners, upper house disciples and outer hall disciples. 

List of Swords Gate headmasterEdit

5th headmaster, Feng Xingtian of the Da Feng Clan
8th headmaster, Lei Qianqiu of the Lei Hu Clan
14th headmaster, Yu Tianya of the You Yu Clan
19th headmaster, Tao Qingxuan of the Tao Lin Clan

Clans Edit

Feng Clan

  • Feng Shang
  • Feng Shouzhu
  • Feng Xiaozhong
  • Feng Wuji

Qiu Tan Clan

  • Qiu Jin'er, her mother and a servant, Grandmother Lu

You Yu Clan

  • Grand Elder Yu Da
  • Yu Feiyan
  • Yu Zhenlong
  • Yu Zhengshu

Shui Tu Clan

  • Shui Zian
  • Shui Qingyan
  • Shui Lingshan
  • Shui Sheng
  • Shui Anshan
  • Shui Qinghe
  • Shui Jianping
  • Shui Jianshu

Lei Hu Clan

  • Lei Hong
  • Lei Gun

Tao Lin Clan

  • Tao Dai'er

Jun Shan Clan

  • Jun Sixie
  • Jun Shaofei
  • Jun Lutang

Nan Lu Clan

  • Nan Zhen

Li Shan Clan

  • Li Xiuniang

Tian Feng Clan

  • Tian Yanzhong

Da Ting Clan

  • Ting Lanyue

Zuo Qiu Clan

  • Zuo Xiangsheng

Mu Shan Clan

  • Mu Qingxuan

Notable PlacesEdit

  • Demon Ruins

A realm in Swords Gate dedicated as a training ground for the disciples. After demons that used to dominate Great Wilderness were exterminated, the demon infants were kept in the Demon Ruins as training targets for the human disciples. A revolt took place when the demons in Demon Ruins had secretly worshipped their ancestor, Tian Myriad Mother, and proceeded in reviving her. The celestial messenger of Xiao Mang Celestial Race, Feng Wuji was behind these events, but it was only his other incarnation, Elder Pu, that was directly involved with the revolt of Demon Ruins.

  • Beast God Ridge

A mountain ridge formed by the dead Xiang Dragon beast god, its bones turned into the mountains and its inner core was sealed away, waiting for its people to worship him so that he could be revived, but things didn't go as planned and his spirit eventually perished as time passed. With Xin Huo's help, the beast god inner core finally fell into Zhong Yue's hands and it helped him to survive many predicaments. 

  • Devil Soul Forbidden Land

One of the five funerary tombs created by Godly Emperor Bi Xie. Consist of a total of three independent dimensions, the first contained the corpses and bodies of the dead gods, the second is laden with the gods' spirits, and the third contained the altar, the lotus saint herb and the Saint Spirit, while in addition to the three, there is also another secret realm which is where the tomb's guardian god resides in, a lady god of unknown origin.