The land of monsters. The monster race resides in the East Barren is divided into thirteen greater forces and countless lesser forces with Shi Buyi as the overlord. Other than the strongest faction, Xian Kong Saint City, there are other 13 greater forces (6 cities, 4 keeps and 3 islands), and countless lesser factions.

Xian Kong Saint CityEdit

Saint City Lord - Shi Buyi

Six CitiesEdit

Gu Xia City

Shen Yi City

Qing Ming City

Luo Ying City

  • Disciple - Hu Qimei

Feng Gu City

Yang City

Four KeepsEdit

Jade Dragon Keep

  • Young Keep Lord - Yu Xuanji
  • Totem spirit - Azure Dragon

Yan Que Keep

Bai Keep

Xuan Keep

Three IslandsEdit

Sulphur Island

  • Island Lord - Yan Yunsheng

Junxiu Island

  • Island Lord - Xiutian Chen

Feng Sha Keep