Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art (火纪宫燧皇观想图)

  • Part of the strongest cultivation technique in the universe. Cultivation technique of the first Sui Sovereign, The Great Sui; imparted to Zhong Yue by Xin Huo.

Can Carrier (李代桃僵)

  • A technique used to duplicate one's soul frequency in order to escape the soul lamp's tracking.

God Banishment Seal (驱神印)

Celestial Moon Howling Art (啸月神功)

Heavenly Demonic Soul Planting Art (天魔种魂术)


Yu Lan Aroma True Scripture (盂兰飘香真经)

  • Cultivation technique imparted to Tian Mo Concubine by Demon Saint. 

Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art (天圣神照诀)

  • Demon Saint's cultivation technique. It is so strong that even if it was divided into eight parts, each of the parts could still allow the demon cultivators to cultivate to the level of the gods.


Great Boundless Sword Qi (大自在剑气)

  • The strongest cultivation technique of Swords Gate, passed down from headmaster to headmaster. 

Floating Life of Nine Oceans Ar (浮生九沧诀)

  • A water-style cultivation technique of the guardian god in Swords Gate secret realm. 

Sword Sixty Four Styles (剑六十四式)

  • An abstruse art created by Elder Shui Zian, nearly invincible in the same cultivation level.

Sun Moon Prodigious Emanation Art (日月宝照经)

  • Physique-refining art created by Zhong Yue. 
  • Prerequisites: Great Sun Prodigious Emanation Art (大日宝照诀), Bright Moon Prodigious Emanation Art (明月宝照诀)

Black Tortoise Visualization Art (玄武观想诀)

  • Prerequisites: Black Tortoise Gold Spirit Skill (玄武金灵诀)

Seventh Metal Sword Qi Art (庚金剑气诀)

  • Common Sword Qi art for Swords Gate Qi Practitioners.

Swords Gate Visualization Art (剑门出窍观想法)

  • A primitive visualization art cultivated by the outer hall disciples of Swords Gate.

River God Totem Visualization Technique (河伯图腾观想诀)

  • Cultivation technique of the Shui Tu Clan.

Water Dragon Visualization Art (水龙观想绝杀)

  • Cultivation technique of the Shui Tu Clan.

Riptide Shield Visualization Art (波纹盾观想诀)

  • Cultivation technique of the Shui Tu Clan.

Cloud Spirit Art(云灵观想诀)

  • Cultivation technique of the Tao Lin Clan.

Twin Flying Fish-Goose (鱼雁双飞)

  • Cultivation technique of the You Yu Clan.

Spring Thunderbolt Sword Skill (奔雷剑诀)

  • Sword skill cultivated by Zhong Yue in his early days.

Flood Dragon Winding Body Totem Art (蛟龙图腾绕体诀)

  • Physique-refining art cultivated by Zhong Yue in his early days.


Monster God Ming King Art (妖神明王诀)

  • Cultivation technique of the guardian god in Black Mountain secret realm. 

Voice of Succubus (魅魅妖音)

Mountain Quaking Godly Fist (撼山神拳)

Dragon Edit

Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms (龙腾百变)

  • ​​​​​​​Cultivation technique of the dragon race.