Cultivation Terms Edit


Arcane Energy Edit

  • Equivalent to the "mana" of the mages. The reserves for the cultivators to cast their skills.

Cultivation Base Edit

  • The cultivation progress of the cultivator.

Prowess Edit

  • The comprehensive evaluation of the cultivator's ability.

Psyche Ocean Edit

  • The reserve for the cultivator's psyche, placed in a dimensional space inside of the cultivator's body.

Soul Edit

  • The self-consciousness of the cultivator.

Spirit Edit

  • The counterpart of the cultivator's soul, acquired through the manifestation of the nature.

Yuan Shen/Atman Edit

  • The completed result of the coalescence of Soul and Spirit. Atman is more commonly used to refer to the self-consciousness while Yuan Shen as the one the cultivator would use in battles.

Blood Essence Edit

  • Oftentimes equivalent to the power and energy of the cultivator.

Cultivation State Level Edit

State Uses Attainable at
Subconscious Visualization Maintaining visualizations subconsciously Anytime
Unconscious Visualization Maintaining visualizations unconsciously Anytime
Spirit Soul As One Coalescence of Soul and Spirit Rebirth
Combat Yuan Shen Yuan Shen to engage in battles Awakening
Atman Body As One (Combat Body) Coalescence of Atman and Body Atman Body

Cultivation Level Edit

Rank Cultivation Level Other Name


1 Visualization
2 Soul Liberty
3 Soul Manipulation
Qi Practitioner 
4 Spirit Nurturing
5 Rebirth
6 Awakening
7 Atman Body
8 Inner Core
9 Heavenly Dharma
10 True Spirit
11 Imminent Deity


12 Deity Pure Yang Realm
13 Heavenly Deity Six Path Realm
14 True Deity Reincarnation Realm
15 Deity Overlord Cataclysmic Realm
16 Deity Emperor Void Realm
17 Creator Creator Realm
18 Imperial Emperor Heavenly Realm
19 Imperial Monarch Great Monarch
20 Dao God God of Pure Dao, Yuan Shen of the Dao

Cultivation Level Detailed Edit

Mortal Edit

Cultivation Level Requirement


Visualization Learning the ways of visualization Outer hall disciples
Soul Liberty Liberating the soul out of the mortal body Upper house disciples
Soul Manipulation Manipulating objects with the liberated soul Upper house disciples

Qi Practitioner Edit

Cultivation Level Requirement State of Extremity Grades
Spirit Nurturing Manifestation of Spirit Cultivating psyche ocean into a lightning pool Inner hall disciples
Rebirth Coalescence of Soul and Spirit into Atman/Yuan Shen Opening all three forms of the Spirit Inner hall disciples
Awakening Opening of the five Yuan Shen Secret Realms and acquire the five wheels Reverse opening of realms /or opening of the sixth secret realm - Bloodline Wheel Inner hall disciples
Atman Body Coalescence of Atman and Body and acquire the Combat Body Cultivating the Yuan Shen into two hundred feet tall Hall masters
Inner Core Condensing arcane energy into an inner core Nine Revolving Inner Core Elders
Heavenly Dharma Forming a strong Avatar, an enlarged manifestation of cultivator Utilising the power of heaven and earth Elders
True Spirit Cultivating the spirit into physical form Pure Yin Yuan Shen Magnates
Imminent Deity The last stage to ascend to deityhood, peak of the Qi Practitioners Extreme Soul Weapon Magnates

Deityhood Edit

Cultivation Level Other Name Requirement To Ascend
Deity Pure Yang Realm Pure Yang Yuan Shen & Pure Yang mortal body
Heavenly Deity Six Path Realm Cultivating six different Dao and coalesce them with the six secret realms
True Deity Reincarnation Realm Cultivate the Six Paths Reincarnation, cultivate the six secret realms into the Six Paths Reincarnation and master its power
Deity Overlord Cataclysmic Realm There will be a huge catastrophe waiting for the cultivator. This is a punishment from the heaven and earth to the cultivator for cultivating. Survive through it and ascend to the next stage, or be killed and perish away
Deity Emperor Void Realm Cultivate the Yuan Shen to be able to communicate with the void, after which the god would be able to enter the Void World after death.
Creator Creator Realm The gods in this level are strong enough to create livings out of nothingness. They can create a world of their own and each world can be manipulated according to Creator's will
Imperial Emperor Heavenly Realm Can combine six worlds into a Heavenly Six Paths Reincarnation
Imperial Monarch Great Monarch This is the limit to the postnatal livings already, to ascend higher, one would have to revert their states from postnatal to innate.
Dao God God of Pure Dao, Yuan Shen of the Dao ???