Cultivation Terms Edit


Arcane Energy Edit

  • Equivalent to the "mana" of the mages. The reserves for the cultivators to cast their skills.

Cultivation Base Edit

  • The cultivation progress of the cultivator.

Prowess Edit

  • The comprehensive evaluation of the cultivator's ability.

Psyche Ocean Edit

  • The reserve for the cultivator's psyche, placed in a dimensional space inside of the cultivator's body.

Soul Edit

  • The self-consciousness of the cultivator.

Spirit Edit

  • The counterpart of the cultivator's soul, acquired through the manifestation of the nature.

Yuan Shen/Atman Edit

  • The completed result of the coalescence of Soul and Spirit. Atman is more commonly used to refer to the self-consciousness while Yuan Shen as the one the cultivator would use in battles.

Cultivation LevelEdit

State Edit

State Uses Attainable at
Subconscious Visualization Maintaining visualizations subconsciously Anytime
Unconscious Visualization Maintaining visualizations unconsciously Anytime
Spirit Soul As One Coalescence of Soul and Spirit Rebirth
Atman Body As One Coalescence of Atman and Body Atman Body


Cultivation Level Requirement


Visualization Learning the ways of visualization Outer hall disciples
Soul Liberty Liberating the soul out of the mortal body Upper house disciples
Soul Manipulation Manipulating objects with the liberated soul Upper house disciples


Qi Practitioner Edit

Cultivation Level Requirement State of Extremity Grades
Spirit Nurturing Manifestation of Spirit Cultivating psyche ocean into a lightning pool Inner hall disciples
Rebirth Coalescence of Soul and Spirit into Atman/Yuan Shen Opening all three forms of the Spirit Inner hall disciples
Awakening Opening of the five Yuan Shen Secret Realms and acquire the five wheels Reverse opening of realms /or opening of the sixth secret realm - Bloodline Wheel Inner hall disciples
Atman Body Coalescence of Atman and Body and acquire the Combat Body Cultivating the Yuan Shen into two hundred feet tall Hall masters
Inner Core Condensing arcane energy into an inner core Nine revolutions of inner core Elders
Heavenly Dharma Elders
True Spirit Magnates
Imminent Deity Magnates